Live Casino: a Real-Casino Feel and Its Unique Benefits

Nowadays, there is an ample variety of gaming options players can choose from. A live casino is among most popular trends in the industry today. It started in 2010 and has progressed rapidly since then. Surprisingly, this sector has turned out to be in a bigger demand than any other gambling choices. This article tackles an issue of what a live casino is and highlights the benefits it brings to the player.

What Exactly Is a Live Casino?

A live casino is a unique invention that simulates an atmosphere of a real land-based casino. Online players get a casino-like gaming experience thanks to live streaming of the game. There is a live chat feature that allows real-time communication between players and dealers. Players are in a virtual reality created by cameras installed in a special casino studio. The ability to watch the action in slo-mo mode and closer than in a regular casino allows remote players to get even deeper immersion into the process.

Traditional games like Blackjack or Baccarat are all available at a live casino. Moreover, players may interact not only with a live dealer but with other players from all over the world as well.

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How Are Live and Online Casinos Different?

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A live casino and an online casino are the terms people frequently mix up. Nonetheless, there are significant differences between the two. Unlike a live casino, the dice on an online site are defined by an RNG. At a live casino it is the dealer who is responsible for throwing the dice. Even though the result is just as random, dealer-player interaction makes the game go on longer.

Furthermore, building a live casino requires a significant amount of effort and money. There is actual casino staff employed to hold the game and it also needs the equipment to recreate a real casino room and stream it to a live audience.

Perks of Playing at a Live Casino

A live casino can boast of a lot of advantages. Below is a list of the main benefits it brings so that the player has a realistic feel of a casino.


Detailed and realistic reproduction of the process


The sensation of being present


Real-time interaction




A real dealer


Around-the-clock availability


Events are specified by chance


Extraordinary features


Possibility to watch without betting


Transparency of outcomes


Brand-new feature: virtual reality

Let’s look at some of these advantages in a more detailed way.

Detailed and Realistic Reproduction of the Process

This is the main advantage of live dealer games over their virtual equivalents. Indeed, the developers have used live games to create a virtual casino with its own ambience and music that can be switched on with a mouse click.

It is possible to play games with a dealer in real time. Filming takes place in either customized studios or real-life casinos. This feature is frequently highlighted in the title so that the player may virtually sit at a real casino table.

While filming in a studio, authentic casino equipment is still used, such as card game or roulette tables, shuffle machines, and real card decks.

The gamers also notice the realistic pace. The speed of the roulette and card dealers is equal to that of a real casino. Many people appreciate this stability.

Strategy to Choose at a Live Casino

Users may experiment with different tactics and methods to obtain the greatest results by playing with live dealers at real tables. In addition, a live casino provides players with the following benefits:

  • expanded variety of options;
  • attractive design;
  • no deception: studio cameras record all movements;
  • regular connection with the support team;
  • attention to the player’s requirements.

Possibility to Watch Without Betting

This is a significant benefit over software-based online casino games. Without putting any wagers, the participant may watch the game indefinitely. Basically a visitor may seat at a table where a game is already being played and viewed, much as in a real casino. At the same time, avoid causing someone embarrassment or annoyance.

Those that work on their strategies, benefit from observation since it helps them to make conclusions based on someone else’s game experience. Players may also skip moves or games, which isn’t possible in casino table gaming software.